Orbis Terrains

DOTS based Terrain Rendering for Unity3D, featuring spherical and flat Terrains

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Available now for ECS 1.0.0-exp Asset Store v1.0.0

Lightning fast ⚡️

Orbis is using burst-compiled Jobs with highly optimized code. All computationally expensive tasks are run asynchronously in the background, without impact on the frame rate. Performance is further increased by using cache-optimized data structures and the new MeshData API

Planetary LOD

Entire planets can be rendered, with a quadtree LOD approach to allow high-detail environments when close to the terrain, and still maintain performance when viewing a planet from space. All terrains can have collisions enabled. Includes LOD crossfading support, and invisible sphere face culling. All components are highly configurable and extendable

Spherical and Flat Terrains, modifyable at runtime

Any number of terrains can be used in the same scene. Terrains can be both flat or spherical. It is also possible to modify the terrain at runtime

Infinite world sizes

Create huge scenes using the included floating origin system, allowing you to go past the floating-point precision limit. Use procedurally generated terrain with dynamically place foliage to fill the terrain

Heightmap or Procedural Generation

Closely define the terrain using pre-generated heightmaps, or use the procedural generation to generate height data at runtime

Procedural Object Placement

Orbis can procedurally scatter objects on the terrain using poisson disk scattering, useful for placing foliage or areas of interest. Foliage can also have collisions and LODs. To avoid visible pop-in, a system to fade foliage in/out is included. Spawning is defined using multiple rules, such as slope, biome, etc.

Includes example Landscape and Atmosphere Shaders
Mesh generation works with all render pipelines. The sample landscape and atmosphere shaders are shader graph based, and will therefore only work in HDRP and URP.
Based on Unity DOTS
Each terrain chunk is stored as a standalone entity, and can be integrated into custom systems to ease interaction with the terrain.


Windows target build, includes multiple planets, and features prodecural foliage placement, DOTS physics colliders, as well as runtime modification of the terrain

Get Windows Demo

Quadtree_Terrain_Demo_win_x64.zip v0.0.1

Android target build, includes a small sample spaceship game with a single planet, physics, foliage, and runtime modification of the terrain (Coming Soon)

Get Android Demo

Quadtree_Terrain_Spaceship.apk v0.0.1