Before importing the package from the asset store, all required packages have to be installed first.

Required Packages

Since this asset is entirely DOTS based, all of the Unity ECS packages should be installed. Some of the packages are still in preview, so the installation of preview packages has to be enabled. Enable preview packages by going to Project Settings -> Package Manager -> Advanced Settings -> Enable Preview Packages.

Also, experimental packages are currently not displayed using the package manager search, and have to be added using the full package name (Package Manager -> Plus-Button -> Add Package from git url). Alternatively, it is possible to just directly add the packages to the package.json

The full list of the required packages is as follows:

  • “com.unity.entities”: “1.0.0-pre.44”,
  • “”: “1.0.0-pre.44”,
  • “com.unity.physics”: “1.0.0-pre.44”

Other versions, especially later versions might also work, but the above versions have been verified to be compatible.

Installing Orbis

To install this asset into your project, simple import it using the package manager.

Unsafe Code

Since Orbis uses unsafe C# code for maximum performance using pointers, it is required to enable unsafe code compilation in the player settings. This can be found in Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings -> Script Compilation -> Allow ‘unsafe’ Code.

Optional Editor settings

To enable a much faster enter play mode, enable ‘Enter Play Mode Options’ in Project Settings -> Editor. This drastically reduces the time it takes to start playmode while in the editor, and has no effect on player builds. Please note that this skips Domain and Scene reloading, which might be an issue with other assets. Orbis however is fully compatible.