Set up a flat Terrain

Setting up a flat terrain is fairly simple. The easiest way is to just drag the "FlatTerrain" prefab into the scene, which can be found at "Orbis/Prefabs/Basic/FlatTerrain". It is also possible to create a new flat Terrain from blank, without using the prefab.

GameObject configuration Component

Whether a prefab terrain or a terrain from blank is being used, Orbis requires a GameObject in the Scene with a ‘OrbisInterface’ Component. This component can be on any GameObject that is not being converted to an Entity. Also, there can only be one ‘OrbisInterface’ per scene, or it will run into issues. You can manually add the component to an existing GameObject, or just add the ‘TerrainConfiguration’ prefab into your scene, which contains the component with predefined values.

Creating a flat terrain from blank

A flat terrain is represented as a single entity at LOD 0. Since Entities 1.0, the conversion workflow only works with subscenes, so you need to create a new Entity SubScene first. To get started, add a new entity to the subscene, and position it at the center of where there terrain should be. Note that Orbis Terrains support any rotation, but the entity scale should always be 1:1:1.

To configure the terrain, add the “OrbisBaker” component to it, which includes all terrain configuration options. The Baker converts the object into an entity during conversion time, and adds all required components to it.

Further explanation of the runtime components can be found in the component page.